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Customize your CMS to fit your needs

Analyze, optimize traffic and achieve high SEO rankings

Stay secured. Save money and time.

Increase your sales.

Gain edge over your competitors.


Our Story

StunnerYPP Corporation is a company of enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, quality-driven and results-oriented team of web developers, graphic designers, marketing strategist, quality assurance specialist, and general admin staff who are happy to serve clients and see them enjoy long-lasting growth and accomplishment.

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We do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: creating great content. From site to affiliate management, Stunner does it all.


Our advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows us to reach internet users from around the world much quicker than most sites.


The team is what makes Stunner YPP the amazing company it is. Our people are spread over three continents, majority were in Montreal.

Why you should choose us.

What we do

Site Management

Running a successful site is hard work and Stunner Media has your back. We build tours that convert, analyze and optimize traffic, manage content and more. We currently manage over 110 popular sites!.

Affiliate Program Management

With eight affiliate programs under the Stunner Media umbrella, we are experts program managers. Our partners are at easy knowing that we take care of attracting and working with affiliates.

Custom CMS

Often imitated, never duplicated, our content management system (CMS) is built from the ground up with members in mind. We can add or subtract any feature, leading to increased member retention.


We equip our engineers with the latest techonologies below: